Residential Doctoral fellowships

Doctoral Fellowships
The Orient-Institut Beirut (OIB) awards a number of visiting fellowships normally lasting 7-10 months specifically designed for doctoral candidates engaged in outstanding research projects in the humanities and social sciences. We invite applications across disciplines, time periods, and geographic coverage outlined in our mission statement. Proposals are encouraged to articulate the contemporary stakes of the research project, encompassing historiographical, cultural, religious and/or political dimensions. 
Applicants must hold a post-graduate degree (Master, Diplom, Magister etc.). It is essential for applicants to demonstrate how their projects will benefit from an extended stay in the region and contribute to the institute’s overall research environment. Proficiency in written and oral English, as well as all languages relevant to the research project, is expected. Priority will be given to candidates with demonstrated oral proficiency in German. Visiting fellows are expected to actively engage in the OIB’s research community, attend weekly colloquia, and participate in relevant scholarly activities and events. Fellows are also required to present their work at least once, and write a research report at the end of their OIB tenure. 
The new call for applications for the academic year 2025/26 will be published on this website in April/May 2025.