About Our Series

The OIB publishes three series, Bibliotheca Islamica (BI), Beiruter Texte und Studien (BTS) and Orient-Institut Studies (OIS). Of these, BI is the oldest, preceding the foundation of the Orient-Institut itself. Initiated by Helmut Ritter as early as 1929, BI is a platform for the critical edition of Arabic sources. BTS was founded shortly after the establishment of the Orient-Institut, initially to publish the research outputs of the institute but quickly evolving beyond this scope. In order to ensure wider access, selected publications of both BI and BTS have been made available for download, and we are working on continuously increasing the number of open-access publications. In 2012, OIS was established together with the Orient-Institut Istanbul as an online-only publication, combining regional and trans-regional perspectives in Middle Eastern and Euro-Asian Studies. We also support the publication of various other texts connected to the institute’s work. Find more about each series in the respective sections.