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Job vacancy: Verwaltungsleiterin / Verwaltungsleiter Read more

NEW RESEARCH PROJECT: Relations in the Ideoscape: Middle Eastern Students in the Eastern Bloc... Read more

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Christopher Bahl - "Creating a Cultural Repertoire Based on Texts - Arabic manuscripts and the historical practices of a Sufi in 17th century Bijapur” Read more

Torsten Wollina - “Tracing Ibn Ṭūlūn’s Autograph Corpus, with Emphasis on the 19th-20th Centuries” Read more

Nadia von Maltzahn: Ministry of Culture or No Ministry of Culture? Cultural players and authority in Lebanon Read more

Kommentar zu einer Sammlung vorislamischer Poesie Read more

Torsten Wollina - “The Changing Legacy of a Sufi Shaykh. Narrative constructions in diaries, chronicles, and biographies (15th-17th centuries)” Read more

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13 2018

Public research seminar
„Text, Context and Paratext: Maṭāliʿ al-Anẓār Sharḥ Ṭawāliʿ al-Anwār as a Case Study” Read more

12 2019

Public book presentation
The Art Salon in the Arab Region: Politics of Taste Making Read more

18 2019

Ritualised reactions to subsistence crises: Food riots in the Ottoman Empire and its successor states in the Middle East Read more

28 2019

Public research seminar
"Cairo after the Event. Personal Reflections on my Neighbourhood" Read more