Fellows-at-large Programme at the OIB

This programme has been inaugurated following Advisory Board approval in October 2023 with the purpose of establishing multi-year academic and cultural co-operations with senior scholars and artists who wish to host events at the OIB. These include academic conferences and workshops, exhibitions, Arabic poetry slams or similar activities. Fellowships-at-large are geared towards two constituencies of non-resident fellows: colleagues abroad, including residents of Germany; and residents of Lebanon.

The selected scholars and cultural producers are to develop their multi-year projects with the OIB where they will be granted free accommodation for up to one month per year. International colleagues are encouraged to foster exchanges between their institution and the OIB, including short-term stays for OIB researchers, joint conferences at their work place and cognate connections. Local colleagues may receive the monetary value of a month’s free accommodation towards their events at the OIB.

Applications are welcomed all year long, but we encourage you to apply three months in advance of the intended start of our co-operation. You are invited to send a cover letter, along with your CV and a description of the project for which you seek cooperation with the OIB, to the director Jens Hanssen (hanssen@dont-want-spam.orient-institut.org).

Current fellows-at-large