OIB Catalogues

The first catalogues of OIB Library were 3 card catalogues: one alphabetically by author name and another for German subject headings as well as an alphanumerical card catalogue arranged by call number. With the introduction of electronic catalogues in the mid-1990s the card catalogues were discontinued, but remained relevant for searches on older holdings. Since the completion of a retro conversation project by 2017 all library holdings are searchable online in the OPAC.

This catalogue contains all library holding including the 1.600 journal titles. Searches for holdings of material in non-Latin-script, like Arabic, are only possible by entering a transcription with Latin characters according to the German transliteration rules.

The IPAC contains searchable scans of the cards of the two historical author and subject catalogues, that recorded all acquisitions up to 1995.

OIB is a member of the German library network GBV. All its holdings are searchable in the Common Union Catalogue (GVK). This catalogue allows searching in original script like Arabic.

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More user instructions for both catalogues and explanations on the transcription system can be found


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