Latest Publications

Latest publications

Stefan Maneval and Heike Delitz. 2017. "The ‘Hidden Kings’, or Hegemonic Imaginaries: Analytical Perspective of Post-foundational Sociological Thought". Im@go: Journal of the Social Imaginary 10: 33–49. Read more

Till Grallert - "The journal al-Muqtabas between, HathiTrust, and GitHub: Producing open, collaborative, and fully-referencable digital editions of early arabic periodicals-with almost no funds" Read more

Torsten Wollina - “Between Beirut, Cairo, and Damascus: Al-amr bi-al-maʿrūf and the Sufi/Scholar Dichotomy in the Late Mamluk Period (1480s–1510s)” Read more

Daniele Cantini - "We Take Care of Our Students: Private Universities and Politics of Care in Egypt" Read more

Performing Religion: Actors, contexts and texts - Case studies on Islam Read more

Nadia von Maltzahn - "What Cultural Policies?" Explicit and Implicit Cultural Policies in Lebanon. Read more