Monique Bellan

Research Associate

Phone: +961 (0)1 359181


Monique Bellan joined the OIB as a research associate in 2013. She holds a PhD in Middle Eastern studies from Freie Universität Berlin and has previously worked as a research associate at the collaborative Aesthetic Experience and the Dissolution of Artistic Limits Research Centre at Freie Universität Berlin and at the Performing Arts Section of the Academy of Arts in Berlin. Monique is the author of Dismember Remember: Das anatomische Theater von Lina Saneh und Rabih Mroue (Reichert, 2013) and, together with Nadia von Maltzahn, co-editor of The Art Salon in the Arab Region: Politics of Taste Making, Beirut: BTS 2018. Focusing on the ways in which art is debated and discussed in various media since the early twentieth century, her current research project seeks to trace a discourse on aesthetic reflection. Part of her research is dedicated to artistic practices and the development of galleries in Lebanon since the 1960s. Monique’s research interests include modern and contemporary art in Lebanon and Egypt, art theory, politics and aesthetics.


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Journal Article

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