The OIB Colloquium (Fatih Ermis)

The OIB colloquium provides a forum for OIB researchers (visiting fellows and academic staff) to present and discuss ongoing research projects. It acquaints researchers at the OIB with each other and facilitates dialogue about topics, theories, and methods amongst and between the disciplines represented at the OIB. Above all, its purpose is to provide speakers with input by an audience of peers, both seniors and juniors, in order to help sharpen research approaches and achieve progress during the stay at the OIB. We aim to set up a framework where problems can be openly addressed. After all, we discuss work in progress, including research problems, doubts and questions with regard to perspective, methodology, representation and the like. Guests may be invited to a given session by the speaker or under condition of her/his consent, while our interns are always welcome to attend.