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History, Space and Social Conflict in Beirut. The Quarter of Zokak el-Blat

BTS 97

Beirut 2016 (first edition 2005). 421 pp. English text with several illustrations.

BTS 97

The anthology in concern contains seven detailed contributions all analyzing Beirut’s alteration and transformation over a long period of time, using the example of the quarter Zokak el-Blat. By using an interdisciplinary approach a group of geographers, urban planners, architects, social anthropologists, Islamic scientists, historians and several more, reconstruct the history of Zokak el- through varying perspectives. Hereby this volume documents not only social, historical and urban dimension of development, but also a broad inventory of the architectonical changes, leading up to the question of the contemporary and future constitution of this historically significant quarter of Beirut. Equipped with numerous maps and photographs this book enriches the understanding and knowledge of Lebanon and Beirut and its social and architectural change.

Hans Gebhardt is the chair of Human Geography at Heidelberg University. Dorothée Sack is an architect and chair of Building Archaeology at the Technical University of Berlin. Ralph Bodenstein holds an M.A. in Islamic Studies and Oriental Art History and currently works on his dissertational project concerning domestic architecture in late Ottoman Beirut. Anne Mollenhauer holds a D.Phil. in Archaeology from Frankfurt University. Jens Hanssen holds a D.Phil. in modern history and has been a Junior Research Fellow at the Orient Institut in Beirut. Friederike Stolleis holds an M.A. in Social Anthropology from Cologne University and a D.Phil. in Islamic Studies from Bamberg University. Bernhard Hillenkamp holds an M.A. in Islamic Studies, Political Science and Sociology and works as a development expert for local and international NGOs in Lebanon. Andreas Fritz holds a diploma in Geography, Economics and Sociology from the University of Heidelberg. Oliver Kögler holds a diploma in Geography from Heidelberg University and is currently working on his D.Phil. project on historic building preservation in Lebanon.