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Birgit Schäbler: 2nd of June 1967 – a German-Iranian-German Event

Birgit Schäbler. 2nd of June 1967 – a German-Iranian-German Event, in: TRAFO – Blog for Transregional Research, 13 September 2017.


The event (‘Ereignis’) of 2 June 1967 is a transregional one with far-reaching implications. The blog post addresses key questions: Why was Iran under the Shah such a central issue to the student movement in Germany, while elsewhere it seemed to be much more the Vietnam war which radicalized students? Why were the Shah and Farah Diba so omnipresent in German mass media, the Imperial couple such sought-after guests? Was the CISNU (Confederation of Iranian Students/National Union) in Germany more radical than its branches elsewhere, did it influence and was it influenced by the German student movement SDS (Socialist German Student Alliance)? And what was the role of the secret police Stasi and the GDR at large?


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