BTS 112

The Weaving of Words Approaches to Classical Arabic Prose

Behzadi, Lale – Behmardī, Vaḥīd (eds.)

2009. 217 pages English text

BTS 101

Crosshatching in Global Culture A Dictionary of Modern Arab Writers: An Updated English Version of R.B. Campbell’s "Contemporary Arab Writers"

Donohue, John J., Tramontini, Leslie (eds.)

2004. 2 volumes: 1. volume 626 pp., 2. volume 633 pp., English Brochur
ISBN 978-3-89913-407-0

BTS 111

Theoretical Approaches to the Transmission and Edition of Oriental Manuscripts. Proceedings of a symposium held in Istanbul March 28-30, 2001

Judith Pfeiffer, Manfred Kropp (eds.)

2007. 335 pages (French and English text) with numerous illustrations

BTS 102

Multicultural Urban Fabric and Types in the South and Eastern Mediterranean

Cerasi, Maurice, Petruccioli, Attilio, Sarro, Adriana, Weber, Stefan (Eds.)

2007. 269 pp. french and english text with 19 Illustrations
ISBN 978-3-89913-592-3

BTS 94

Yūsuf al-Ḫāl wa-maǧallatuhu "Šiʿr"

Jaques Amateis

BTS 99

The First World War as Remembered in the Countries of the Eastern Mediterranean

Olaf Farschid, Manfred Kropp and Stephan Dähne (eds.)

Beirut 2006. 452 pp. english with b/w-illustrations
ISBN 978-3-89913-514-5

BTS 100

Results of contemporary research on the Qurʾān. The question of a historio-critical text of the Qurʾān

Manfred Kropp (ed.)

Beirut 2007. 198 pp. english and french text
ISBN 978-3-89913-543-5

BTS 98

The Sultan Ḥasan Complex in Cairo 1357-1364. A Case Study in the Formation of Mamluk Style

Abdallah Kahil

Beirut 2008. 436 pp. english text with 344 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-89913-643-2

BTS 95

„Wir sind die Hälfte der Welt!“ Zaynab Fawwāz (1860-1914) und Malak Ḥifnī Nāṣif (1886-1918) – zwei Publizistinnen der frühen ägyptischen Frauenbewegung

Susanne Bräckelmann

Beirut 2004. 333 pp., English brochure
ISBN 978-3-89913-351-6

BTS 96

From the Syrian Land to the States of Syria and Lebanon

Philipp Thomas and Christoph Schumann (eds.)

Beirut 2004. 366 pp. english text with 11 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-89913-353-0