BTS 21

Zwei Beschreibungen des Libanon. ʿAbdalġanī an-Nābulusīs Reise durch die Biqāʿ und al-ʿUṭaifīs Reise nach Tripolis

Stefan Wild and Ṣalāḥaddīn al-Munaǧǧid

Beirut 1979, 181 pp. arabic

Prof. Stefan Wild was Professor for Semitic languages and Islamic Studies in Bonn and director of the German Orient Institute in Beirut. His man research areas are classic Arabic literature and lexicography, as well as modern Arabic literature and contemporary thought.


The publication of Prof. Wild focuses on two travel accounts by ʿAbdalġanī an-Nābulusī and al-ʿUṭaifī. An-Nābulusī’s report portrays the journey to the pilgrim sites in the Biqāʾ valley in the year 1100/1689, including a most detailed description of the Baalbek ruins.
The second account is the riḥla of al-ʿUṭaifī who is not well known. Having travelled in the year 1043/1634, his account is one of the few accounts on the Lebanon in that period.