BTS 95

„Wir sind die Hälfte der Welt!“ Zaynab Fawwāz (1860-1914) und Malak Ḥifnī Nāṣif (1886-1918) – zwei Publizistinnen der frühen ägyptischen Frauenbewegung

Susanne Bräckelmann

Beirut 2004. 333 pp., English brochure
ISBN 978-3-89913-351-6

Contrary to widely spread beliefs Egyptian women at the end of the 19th century had never been passive towards the discussions on emancipation, but were involved in fighting for an improvement of their social and judicial status. The rapid development of the press in these times facilitated their appearance in public. Two of the most outstanding publicists were Lebanese Zaynab Fawwāz and Egyptian Malak Ḥifnī Nāṣif. Around 130 of their articles and essays have now been published for the first time and analyzed in great detail in this volume. Together they offer an insightful image of Muslim women’s emancipation movements and fill a void in the history of Egypt’s feminist movement. 


Susanne Bräckelmann was an editor at „Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung“ for twelve years before studying Islamic philology and journalism in Mainz and obtaining her Ph.D. with the work in concern in 2003. She is presently working as a lecturer for Arabic studies in Marburg.