BTS 111

Theoretical Approaches to the Transmission and Edition of Oriental Manuscripts. Proceedings of a symposium held in Istanbul March 28-30, 2001

Judith Pfeiffer, Manfred Kropp (eds.)

2007. 335 pages (French and English text) with numerous illustrations

This volume contains the papers presented during the international symposium titled “Theoretical Approaches to the Transmission and Edition of Oriental Manuscripts” which was held in Istanbul in March 2001. Its contributors stem mainly from the fields of editing theories and techniques from the textual and editorial traditions of Classical Antiquity and Oriental Studies. The content of the contributions revolves around the transition of texts through time and space, intertextuality, material conditions reproduction and edition of texts, philological methods and the field of tension between the editing methods of European medievalists and Near Eastern textual traditions.

Judith Pfeiffer is an Associate Professor of Arabic and Islamic History at the University of Oxford as well as a fellow of St Cross College, researching mainly on the topics of Islamic history, historiography, and hagiography of the 13th to 16th centuries. Manfred Kropp is a professor for Semitic and Islamic Studies at the University of Mainz.

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