BTS 112

The Weaving of Words Approaches to Classical Arabic Prose

Behzadi, Lale – Behmardī, Vaḥīd (eds.)

2009. 217 pages English text

This collection of essays presents different approaches to the topic of the evolution of Arabic prose in the Abbasid age considering several cultural factors influencing its development during times of political and social change. The contributions highlight specific types of prose whereby certain features of rhetoric become evident, both noteworthy in form and theme. The editor’s aim is to present the progress of artistic prose as a genre, which was chosen for the purpose of transmitting information and knowledge, as well as achieving specific purposes through style and theme.


Lale Behzadi studied Near Eastern Studies, German, Arabic, Islamic and Iranian Studies at the University of Halle, Göttingen and Cairo and attained her Ph.D. in 1995 in the domain of experimental Egyptian short prose. She presently holds the position of professor for Arabic Studies at the University of Bamberg.

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