BTS 73

The Illuminated Table, the Prosperous House. Food and Shelter in Ottoman Material Culture

Suraiya Faroqhi, Christoph K. Neumann (Eds

2003. 352 pp. english text.

This volume contains fourteen articles from Turkish as well as European researchers who focus on the topics of material culture – such as food and drink - on the one hand and housing on the other. Since the Ottoman society had achieved highly specific ways of eating, drinking, dressing, dwelling and housing and passed through some crucial changes and transformations it poses a perfect example for the study of material culture and housing. Alongside with the political change the empire underwent from the 16th century onward its inhabitant’s customs and habits transformed with it. This book contributes important information to the study of topics such as Ottoman cuisine or vernacular architecture and by this sheds new light on Ottoman cultural heritage.


Suraiya Faroqhi is a German scholar, Ottoman historian and a leading authority on Ottoman History. She teaches at the University of Munich and her work focuses on the economic, social and cultural history of the pre-nineteenth-century Ottoman Empire.


Christoph K. Neumann studied Ottoman and Turkish Studies, German and Political Science at the Universities of Munich and Izmir and obtained his Ph.D. in 1992. He currently teaches at Bilgi University in Istanbul and focuses on 18th century Ottoman history, historiography and the situation of intellectuals in present-day Turkey.


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