BTS 113

The Greek Orthodox Waqf in Lebanon During the Ottoman Period

Abou el-Rousse Slim, Souad

2007. 265 pages English text with 5 illustrations

In her dissertation thesis Souad Abou el-Rousse Slim focuses on the study and historical analysis of the waqf institutions (widely known as Islamic religious institutions and family establishments) of the Greek Orthodox community during the Ottoman period, which has been the most favored Christian community in the empire. The book highlights the religious dialogue among the confession as well as the relationship between its representatives with the Ottoman sultans. This analytical study of the institution of the Greek Orthodox waqfs is an important contribution to the understanding of society and communal organization of the Christian Orient.    



Souad Abou el-Rousse Slim obtained her Ph.D. from Sorbonne in 1984 and a second one in 2001 in Islamic Studies at the Universitz of Birmingham. She has published a book on the history and heritage of Balamand and is currently an Associate Professor of the Institute of History and Near Eastern Heritage at the University of Balamand.

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