BTS 99

The First World War as Remembered in the Countries of the Eastern Mediterranean

Olaf Farschid, Manfred Kropp and Stephan Dähne (eds.)

Beirut 2006. 452 pp. english with b/w-illustrations
ISBN 978-3-89913-514-5

This volume includes the content of a conference on “The First World War as Remembered in the Countries of the Eastern Mediterranean” held in April – May 2001 in Beirut and organized by the German Orient-Institut in Beirut in cooporation with the German Historical Institute in Rome and the French Institute of Anatolian Studies. Focusing on the political, social and cultural effects of the First World War in terms of historiography, panel sessions inquired into the different ways of remembrance found in the Eastern Mediterranean in two parts: The first one dealt with collective memories and changing forms of self-understanding, whereas the second one reflected on histories and narratives of the war. The main questions of these panels circled around how the war was remembered in the Eastern Mediterranean countries, how it influenced political identity and self-conception and as what sort of war it was perceived.    


Olaf Farschid works on modern political Islam for the German Ministry of Interior and conducts research on political Islam, Islamic economics and political iconography.

Manfred Kropp is professor of Semitic languages and Islamic Sciences at the University of Mainz.

Stephan Dähne obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Halle and was a research fellow and publication manager at the German Orient-Institut in Beirut from 2001-2004.


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