BTS 49

Pour un Oriens Christianus Novus Répertoire des Diocèses Syriaques orientaux et occidentaux

Jean Maurice Fiey

1993. 286 pp. french text.

The publication contains a chronological account on the Syriac oriental and occidental dioceses. Beside the geographical information, the author illustrates the biographies of their key members.


Jean Maurice Fiey (1914–1995) was a French Dominican Father and prominent Church historian and Syriacist. Fiey became acquainted with Syriac Christian tradition during his residence in Iraq from 1939 to 1973. He was one of the founder of the Mosul Dominican College in 1944 and functioned as its dean until 1959. Following his expulsion Fiey resided in Beirut as a lecturer in the Jesuit University. He received his doctorate from the University of Dijon in 1982.