BTS 64

Myths, Historical Archetypes and Symbolic Figures in Arabic Literature. Towards a new Hermeneutic Approach. Proceedings of the International Symposium in Beirut, June 25th – June 30th, 1996

ed. by Angelika Neuwirth, Birgit Embaló, Sebastian Günther and Maher Jarrar

Beirut 1999. XXII/640 pp.

This study presents an account of the International Symposium at the Orient Institute in Beirut held between June 25th and June 30th, 1996. The symposium examined the relationship between myth and Arabic literature through literary and historical archetypes and symbolic figures. Of primary interest to the symposium was to arouse a new sensibility for those ‘mythico-archetypal subtexts’ that frequently underlie classical as well as modern literature yet often go unnoticed.


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