BTS 18

Muslimische Inseln vor Ostafrika. Eine arabische Komoren-Chronik des 19. Jahrhunderts

Gernot Rotter

1976. 106 pp. german and 166 pp. arabic text.

The work of Dr. Rotter deals with the history of the Muslims Islands near East Africa that is contained in the Comoros chronicles of the 19th century. In the first part of the work, Rotter introduces the translation of the text written by Qāḍī ʿUmar with background information on the author and the inscription used for the translation. In the second part, he provides a translation of the manuscript attached to the text.


Dr. Gernot Rotter wrote his dissertation about the role of the African in the Islamic influenced society of the Arabs until the 16th century. His translations of famous Arab stories in the Bibliothek Arabischer Klassiker are well known.


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