Muhammad Husain Haikal. Europa und der Orient im Weltbild eines ägyptischen Liberalen

Baber Johansen

Beirut 1967, 259 pp., german

Haikal belonged to the intellectual elite of Egypt and postulated political reforms in a both Islamic and opportunistic way. In this biography, Baber Johansen analyses Muhammad Haikal’s liberal interpretation of Islam and documents the development of Haikal’s political and literarily career during times of important political upheavals in die Arab World, for example World War One or the Egyptian Revolution of 1952/53.


Baber Johansen has been professor for Islamic Studies at Harvard Divinity School since 2005. From 2006 until 2010 he also was affiliate professor at Harvard Law School. His main field of research is the relationship between religion and law in the classical and modern Islamic world.


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