BTS 25

Love, Madness, and Poetry. An Interpretation of the Maǧnūn Legend

Asʿad E. Khairallah

1980. 162 pp. english text.

In his work, Prof Khairallah examines the Maǧnūn archetype. Beginning with the cultural background and the early development of the legendary Maǧnūn, he therefore analyses Wālibī’s dīwān of Maǧnūn under the aspects of love, poetry and madness. In the last part, he leads over to Ğāmī’s interpretation of Maǧnūn in the context of Ṣūfī symbolism.


Prof. Asʿad E. Khairallah is Professor for contemporary Arabic and comparative literature at the American University Beirut. His research interests are classical and modern Arabic literature.


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