BTS 55

Liebe als Beruf Al-ʿAbbās Ibn al-Aḥnaf und das Ġazal

Susanne Enderwitz

1995. 246 pp. german, 2 pp. english, 2 pp. arabic text.

Al-ʿAbbās Ibn al-Aḥnaf was a poet at the royal household of Hārūn ar-Rašīd who dealt exclusively with the topic of love in his poems. His works influenced the Ġazal poetry.
This publication deals with the change of the relationship between the poet and his love in a time range of 150 years in which the Beduin poetry changed to a poetry made for royal households. Especially the terms fatā (heroic young man) and ẓarīf (educated townsman) are discussed.



Susanne Enderwitz is Professor for Islamic Studies and Arabic Studies at the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg. Her researches focus on classic and modern Arabic literature, the emergence of Islam and the history of the Arabic states in the modern age.


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