BTS 48

La Capitale de l’Egypte jusqu’à l’Époque Fatimide al-Qāhira et al-Fusṭāṭ Essai de Reconstitution Topographique

Ayman Fuʾād Sayyid

1998. 754 pp. french text, 26 pp. arabic text, several illustr.

This publication offers a reconstruction of the topograpgy of the fortress of Cairo based on the epigraphs, archaeological excavations and numismatics.
The work presents the history of the former al-Fusṭāṭ, which was founded in 640, until its fusion with the Fatimide Cairo in the 12th century, focusing on its urban territories, its expansions during the early Fatimide caliphate until the destruction of al-Fusṭāṭ in the 12th century.


Aiman Fuʾād Sayyid studied at Cairo University and obtained his doctorate from the University of Paris. He is the former director of the Egyptian National Library and taught at universities in Cairo, Paris and Tokyo Islamic history and Arabic codicology.