BTS 92

Intifāḍāt Ǧabal ad-durūz. Ḥaurān min al-ʿahd al-ʿuṯmānī ilā daulat al-istiqlāl, 1850-1949

Birgit Schäbler

Beirut 2003. 306 pp. arabic text – 170 x 240 mm. English brochure
ISBN 978-3-89913-327-1

This book discusses the history, historiography and study of the Mountain of the Druze in Houran region in the course of the 20th century. It relies to a great extent on so far unknown sources, some of which being oral, attained from newspapers, Ottoman, Arabic or European archives. This piece of work depicts an anthropological approach to the historiographic study of the region embedded in the field of geopolitics.    

Birgit Schäbler studied history, Islamic and Political Science at the Universities of Würzburg, Berkeley and Erlangen-Nuremberg before obtaining her Ph.D. in 1994. She currently is a professor of West-Asian history at the University of Erfurt.