BTS 57

Ibn Ḫafīf aš-Šīrāzī und seine Schrift zur Novizenerziehung (Kitāb al-Iqtiṣād) Biographische Studien, Edition und Übersetzung

Florian Sobieroj

1998. 444 pp. german text, 46 pp. arabic text.

The most important scholar in Islamic mysticism in Persia before the Safavid Empire is Ibn Ḫafīf aš-Šīrāzī. His work Kitāb al-Iqtiṣād is completely preserved.
This publication analyses in several studies the biography of the scholar Ibn Ḫafīf and contains a topography of his travels. Furthermore, it contains an illustration of his mythical teaching, as well as the first edition of his novice book based on two manuscripts.


Prof. Florian Sobieroj is Associate Professor at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. His research interests focus on Islamic mysticism, classic Arabic literature and Islam in China.


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