BTS 32

Ibn al-Ǧauzī und seine Kompilation wider die Leidenschaft. Der Traditionalist in gelehrter Überlieferung und originärer Lehre

Stefan Leder

1984. 328 pp. german text, 12 pp. arabic text, 1 plate.

In his revised doctoral thesis, Prof. Leder deals with Abū Farağ Ibn al-Ǧauzī and his Ḏamm al-hawāʾ. After the introduction of the author’s life and the compilation of his work Ḏamm al-hawāʾ, Leder illustrates in the transmissions of scholars mentioned in the text.
In the second part he displays major elements of the Ḏamm al-hawāʾ, like the ethical basics and the legal aspects of passion. In the concluding part he analyses the element of “pure passion” and compares it with the the image of classic love relationships in the Umayyad era.


Stefan Leder is Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Martin-Luther-University in Halle/Germany and since October 2007 director of the Orient-Institut Beirut including the institute's Istanbul branch (Orient-Institut Istanbul) until 2010. Prior to his engagement with the OIB, he was chairman of interdisciplinary research institutions funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation) and by his home university.
His research topics combine history, literature & textuality, applying text criticism, discourse analysis and intertextual analysis. His published work covers Arabic historiography, with particular attention given to narrativity; Islamic Tradition under the perspectives of authority of knowledge, transmission and moral politics; and the Bedouin patrimony in Arabic thought and discourse. He also writes on the history of Oriental Studies in Europe.
His current research projects at the OIB concern medieval political literature, and the intellectual and political role of the Ayyubid chancery exemplified by the critical edition of al-Qadi al-Fadil’s correspondence.


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