BTS 59

Herrscher, Gemeinwesen, Vermittler: Ostiran und Transoxanien in vormongolischer Zeit

Jürgen Paul

1996. 322 pp. german text.

This publication focuses on the relation of state and community from the viewpoint of local notables. Especially in a centralist state, none of the emperors had fully control over certain administrative areas, e.g. soil irrigation, taxation and legislative power.
Hence notables had a specific role in the state administration. They have been the key figures who acted for their own and for the purpose of their local community. Paul analyses in his habilitation treatise how these notables acted to influence the centralist state, focusing on indirect and informal methods like patronage and clientele networks.



Jürgen Paul is Professor for Islamic Studies at the Oriental Institute of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg. His researches focus especially on Islam in Central Asia and Eastern Iran in medieval and pre-modern times.


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