BTS 89

Ghazal as World Literature I Transformations of a Literary Genre

Thomas Bauer, Angelika Neuwirth (eds.)

2005. 447 pp. English Brochur
ISBN 978-3-89913-406-3

Being considered as one of the most successful genres of world literature, the ghazal started out as new form of love poetry at the end of the 7th century in the Arabian Peninsula and soon spread all over the Islamic world. During the 19th century it was even introduced into the German poetical scene. This volume contains 21 contributions reflecting on the history and evolution of the ghazal through Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hebrew and German literature and even discussing the impact of the ghazal on contemporary Middle Eastern literature. The texts also treat the topic of which impact the ghazal has on different societies, including conceptions of love and sexuality throughout the thirteen centuries of ghazal development.  

Thomas Bauer studied in Erlangen, was a professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies and ist he Director of the Centre for Religious Studies at the University of Münster. His main areas of research include classical Arabic literature and philology and cultural anthropology of the pre-modern Arabic world.


Angelika Neuwirth has been a professor for Arabic Studies at the Free University of Berlin since 1991 and was the director of the Orient Institute in Beirut and Istanbul. Her main areas of research comprise Qur’anic Studies, Exegesis, Classical and Modern Arabic Literature. 


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