BTS 60

Gesellschaftlicher Umbruch und Historie im zeitgenössischen Drama der islamischen Welt

Johann Christoph Bürgel, Stephan Guth

1995. 295 pp. german text, partly english text.

The volume is a collection of utmost importance for all those interested in the relatively new subject of research—the theatre and the drama in the Islamic world. The book covers all the most important parts of the Muslim „dramatic” scene: the Arab World, Turkey, Persia, Pakistan.


Prof. Johann Christoph Bürgel was Professor for Islamic Studies at the University Bern. His research interests focus on modern forms of literature in the Middle Eastern World and Turkey.


Prof. Stephan Guth is currently a lecturer at the Department for Culture Studies and Oriental Languages at the University of Oslo. Previously he taught at Munich University, the University of Bern and FU Berlin. His research interests lie in Modern Arabic and Turkish fiction and Comparative Literature.


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