BTS 106

Figures de califes entre histoire et fiction al-Walīd b. Yazīd et al-Amīn dans la représentation de l'historiographie arabe de l'époque ʿabbāside

Vogt, Matthias

2006. 362 pp french text English Brochur
ISBN 978-3-89913-440-7

Regarding Abbasid historiography initially as nothing more than literature Matthias Vogt takes a new approach on the ambiguous field of historiography as opposed to fictional texts. After having analyzed in detail the historical settings and epistemological reflections, differing historic conceptions and the issue of self-staging as well as narratives and references, Vogt concludes that there are two kinds of historiography: a depiction of reality in its facts and the signification of the past for the present. Despite the above said Vogt manages in his detailed and very complex dissertation to carve out the distinction between historiography and fiction and offers a very new and unique perspective on Islamic historical sources. His piece of work is considered as a highly intellectual approach to an often discussed topic and adds to the enhancement and further development of Islamic Studies.   


Matthias Vogt studied Oriental and Islamic Studies at the Universities of Heidelberg, Paris-Sorbonne and Halle-Wittenberg and attained his Ph.D. with the work in concern. His main fields of interest are Medieval Arabic historiography and early Islamic religious literature.