BTS 54/1 and 54/2

Festschrift Ewald Wagner zum 65. Geburtstag Band 1: Semitische Studien unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Südsemitistik Band 2: Studien zur arabischen Dichtung

Wolfhart Heinrichs, Gregor Schoeler

1994. Vol. 1 284 pp. german text, Vol. 2 641 pp. german text.

This two volume publication contains several essays in honor of Ewald Wagner.
The first volume focuses in Semitic Studies, especially in the area of Southern Semitic Studies.
The second volume deals with the Arabic poetry from the pre-Islamic period until the Umayyad period, as well as later and modern varieties of poetry.


Wolfhart Heinrichs is Professor for Arabic at Harvard University. His research interests focus on Arabic literature and poetics.


Prof. Georg Schoeler, former Ordinarius for Islamic Studies at the University of Basel focused in his researches especially on classic Arabic and Persian literature, as well as Islamic Philosophy and cultural history.


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