BTS 46

Die Quḍāt Dimašq und der Maḏhab al-Auzāʿī Materialien zur syrischen Rechtsgeschichte

Gerhard Conrad

1994. 828 pp. german text.

This publication deals examines the maḏhab of al-Auzāʿī in Damascus, a scholar who lived in the 8th century in Syria. This maḏhab flourished in Syria, the Maghreb and al-Andalus, but was overcome by the Maliki School in the 9th century.
The author focuses on the history of the Dasmacene qadi office until 360 A.H, which is preserved in the works Kitāb al-Tağr by Ibn Ṭulūn and Aḫbar al-quḍāt by Ibn Ḫalaf Wakīʿ.


Dr. Gerhard Conrad earned his doctorate in Islamic Studies and works currently for the German secret service BND.



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