BTS 85

Die neue muslimische Frau. Standpunkte und Analysen

Barbara Pusch (ed.)

2001. 326 pp. English Brochur
ISBN 978-3-935556-85-9

This volume comprises contributions by women from Muslim as well as non-Muslim countries from all sorts of different backgrounds – scientific and personal points of view - ranging from journalists, political scientists, attorneys, Islamic scientists, sociologists and female activists from non-scientific fields. All together this stylistically appealing volume enables the reader an informative insight into the surroundings and the position of the “new Muslim woman”, from insight as well as outside perspectives. The emphasis is put on the Muslim women in Turkey, although the volume also contains articles from other Muslim countries, such as Iran. This books uniqueness lies in its variation between scientific analysis and personal experiences, which makes it neither dry nor nonscientific.


Barbara Pusch studied sociology, Turkish studies, philosophy and ethnology at the University of Vienna and handed in her dissertational thesis in 1996. After having taught at the Technical University of Istanbul and the University of Vienna she has been a fellow at the Orient-Institut Istanbul since 2014. Her main field of research consists of different aspects of international migration to Turkey as well as issues of transnationalization in the German-Turkish context.