BTS 52

Der Syrische Blitz Saladins Sekretär zwischen Selbstdarstellung und Geschichtsschreibung

Lutz Richter-Bernburg

1998. 452 pp. german text, 99 pp. arabic text.

The historical source Al-Barq aš-Šāmī written by ʿImād ad-Dīn al-Kātib al-Iṣfahānī is essential for the Zenjid and Ayyubid period, as well as for the era of the crusaders.
This publication contains a partial edition of al-Iṣfahānī’s work and its translation.
Beside the edition, the author provides a monographical research on al-Kātib al-Iṣfahānī.



Lutz Richter-Bernburg was Professor for Islamic Studies and Director at the University Tübingen. His research interests focus on historical researches and human rights discourses of contemporary Muslim societies.


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