BTS 42

Der Koran im Zeitalter der Reformation Studien zur Frühgeschichte der Arabistik und Islamkunde in Europa

Hartmut Bobzin

1995. 592 pp. german text.

In his habilitation treatise, Prof. Bobzin analyses the early researches in the field of Arabic and Islamic Studies in Europe in the 16th century. Especially after the year 1543, several scholars began to work on the Koran. Prof. Bobzin illustrates these scholars and their works, beginning with Martin Luther and his sources. Beside him, Bobzin focuses on the scholars Theodor Bibliander, Johann Albrecht von Widmanstetter and Guillaume Postel who contributed to later studies in this research area.


Prof. Hartmut Bobzin studied religious science, Semitic Studies and Indian Studies. After earning his doctorate in 1974, he habilitated in the area of Semitic Studies and Islamic Studies. Until 2013 he was Professor for Islamic Studies at the University Erlangen-Nuremberg. He is famous for his translation of the Koran published in 2010.