BTS 24

Der Dīwān des Rāʿī an-Numairī

Reinhard Weipert

1980. 6 pp. german text, 362 pp. arabic text.

In his publication Prof. Weipert provides the dīwān of Rāʿī an-Numairī (d. between 143/760 and 210/825), a less known poet from Baṣra. He became legend for his cowardice, his tendency of valour and his weakness of mind. It is said that he wrote eulogies to the last Umayyad and the first Abbasid caliphs, but none of his panegyrics have been preserved.


Prof. Reinhard Weipert is Professor for Semitic Studies at the LMU Munich. His research interests focus on classic Arabic poetry and philology.

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