BTS 101

Crosshatching in Global Culture A Dictionary of Modern Arab Writers: An Updated English Version of R.B. Campbell’s "Contemporary Arab Writers"

Donohue, John J., Tramontini, Leslie (eds.)

2004. 2 volumes: 1. volume 626 pp., 2. volume 633 pp., English Brochur
ISBN 978-3-89913-407-0

This volume is the English version of the dictionary of modern Arab writers that the research institute CEMAM and OIB published in 1996, due to the scarcity of modern literary reference works in the Arabic world. This 2004 edition includes updated biographies, extensive information on the authors, as well as bibliographies of and on the authors in question. By portraying the main writers who shaped the modern Arabic literary world this volume mirrors the rich and diverse contemporary Arabic literary scene. 

Leslie Tramontini studied Islamic Studies, Arabic, Philosophy and Politics at the Universities of Münster, Kuwait and Baghdad, and is the coordinator at the center for Near- and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Marburg. John Donohue SJ was a professor of history and philosophy in the Graduate School of Education of the Fordham University New York.