BTS 77

Crisis and Memory in Islamic Societies. Proceedings of the third Summer Academy of the Working Group Modernity and Islam held at the Orient Institute of the German Oriental Society in Beirut

Angelika Neuwirth, Andreas Pflitsch (Eds.)

2001. 539 pp. english text.

This volume contains the proceedings, essays and articles presented in the course of the Third International Summer Academy held at the Orient-Institut Beirut in 1998 on behalf of the Working Group “Modernity and Islam” at the Institute for Advanced Study Berlin (Wiko). Within various aspects and representations the topic of crisis has been discussed, as a given socio-political situation and an omnipresent perception, a dilemma and a challenge. Also the topic of memory, its creation and formation is reflected upon. 


Angelika Neuwirth has been a professor for Arabic Studies at the Free University of Berlin since 1991 and was the director of the Orient Institut in Beirut and Istanbul. Her main areas of research comprise Qur’anic Studies, Exegesis, Classical and Modern Arabic Literature.


Dr. Andreas Pflitsch studied at the University of Bonn and was a junior research fellow at the Orient Institut in Berlin from 1999 until 2000. He is currently a lecturer at the Department for Arabic Studies at the Free University of Berlin and mainly focuses on the fields of modern Arabic literature and cultural and literary history of Lebanon.


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