BTS 72

Conscious Voices. Concepts of Writing in the Middle East. Proceedings of the Berne Symposium July 1997

Stephan Guth, Priska Furrer, Johann Christoph Bürgel

1999. 332 pp. english, french and german text.

This volume is a collection of contributions stemming from various specialists in the field of Middle East Literature and treating modern as well as classical literature, poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction as well as metafiction. Among others, issues such as the self-image of the ancient Arab port, the emergence of the writer as a public moralist, the process of nation-building, commitment to a homeland, to Islam, writing as self-reflection, the issue of literary ‘beauty’ and ‘quality’  are raised and analyzed from different perspectives.


Stephan Guth studied Islamic Studies, Modern German Literature and Philosophy at the German Universities of Bonn and Tübingen. He obtained his PhD in Bonn and has worked as a professor at the Department for Culture Studies and Oriental Languages at the University of Oslo since 2007. His research focuses on Middle Eastern literature and languages of the Islamic World.


Priska Furrer studied Middle Eastern Languages, Islamic Studies and modern history and attained her Ph.D. in Contemporary Turkish Literature. She has worked as an assistant professor at the Institute of Islamic Studies at Berne University since 1997.


Johann Christoph Bürgel studied Islamic studies in Frankfurt am Main, Ankara and Bonn. In 1960 he attained his PhD in Göttingen and habilitated in 1969. Since 1970 he is professor at the University of Berne. His research focuses on Islamic Studies, especially on Arabic and Persian literature and history of science.


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