BTS 107

Christlicher Orient und schwäbische Heimat. Kleine Schriften Anlässlich des 50. Todestages des Verfassers neu herausgegeben und eingeleitet von Hubert Kaufhold

Graf, Georg

2005. 2 volumes: 1. vol. 483 pp, 2. vol. 403 pp English Brochur
ISBN 978-3-89913-488-9

This anthology contains various sorts of contributions by Georg Graf during the time between 1897 until 1954; among them are published texts, translations, essays and lectures on topics of literature, theology and history. Not having lost their scientific value, these contributions also serve as a reminder of the fact that Georg Graf had not only been interested in the literature of Arabic-speaking Christians, but also in other Oriental churches as well as liturgy. In addition to texts on the orient, this edition also includes a selection of texts on his home in Swabia. All in all this collection does convey to the reader an impression of the core areas of his scientific research.  

Georg Graf studied theology and Oriental Studies, attained his Ph.D. in philosophy as well as in theology and was appointed honorary professor for languages and literature of the Christian Orient at the department for Oriental Studies at the University of Munich. His main field of interest was Christian-Arabic literature in which he claimed groundbreaking achievements such as the “History of Christian Arabic Literature” (1944-1953), a five volume piece of work that remains unmatched until present.