BTS 15

Arabische Naturdichtung. Die zahrīyāt, rabīʿīyāt und rauḍīyāt von ihren Anfängen bis zu aṣ-Ṣanaubarī. Eine gattungs-, motiv- und stilgeschichtliche Untersuchung

Gregor Schoeler

Beirut 1974, 363 pp. german, 8 pp. arabic

Prof. Georg Schoeler, former Ordinarius for Islamic Studies at the University of Basel focused in his researches especially on classic Arabic and Persian literature, as well as Islamic Philosophy and cultural history.

The volume is a revised version of the dissertation written by Prof. Schoeler. In the beginning, he focuses on the motif of described natural elements that can be found from the pre-Islamic until the early Abbasid poetry.

In the following chapters he analyses six Abbasid poets, which used different elements of nature poetry as a part of their qaṣīdas. Starting with Abū Nūwās the topic of nature poetry emerges to a proper genre in aṣ-Ṣanaubarīs poems.

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