Arabische Dichtung und griechische Poetik. Hāzim al-Qartāgānnīs Grundlegung der Poetik mit Hilfe aristotelischer Begriffe

Wolfhart Heinrichs

1969, 289 pp., german

Wolfhart Heinrichs analyzes the influence of Greek poetics on the development of Arabic poetry. In the first part, Heinrichs illustrates the principles and theory of poetry. In the second part, he examines the rise of the philosophical-Aristotelian poetics in the Arab-speaking world and, in particular, in the work of Hāzim al-Qartāgānnī. The third part of the book contains a translation of Hāzim’s main work on the basic principles of poetics.

Wolfhart Heinrichs was professor for Arabic at Harvard University and a co-editor of the Encyclopaedia of Islam. 2nd Edition. His man research interests were Classical Arabic language and literature, especially Arabic literary theory and criticism.



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