BTS 28

Arabic Texts Concerning the History of the Zaydī Imāms of Tabaristān, Daylamān and Gīlān

Wilferd Madelung

1987. 23 pp. english text, 377 pp. arabic text.

Prof. Madelung provides source material concerning the history of ʿAlid rule and Zaydī community in south of the Caspian Sea from the 3rd/9th to the 7th/13th century. Despite the geographical distance to the Yemen Zaydī imamate, the two communities kept in touch with each other. For this reason, a great part of the history of the Caspian Sea community is preserved within the Yemen community.
The manuscripts include a history fragment of the Buyids, several biographies of imams and correspondences between scholars.


Wilfred Madelung is Emeritus Laudian Professor of Arabic, University of Oxford, and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Ismaili Studies in London. His main research area is the political, religious and intellectual history of early and medieval Islam.


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