BTS 14

Anfänge muslimischer Theologie. Zwei antiqadaritische Traktate aus dem ersten Jahrhundert der Hiǧra

Josef van Ess

1977. 288 pp. german, 57 pp. arabic text.

This work focuses on the early Muslim dispute against the qadarīya based on two manuscripts. Prof. van Ess illustrates this dispute based on the writing of Ḥasan b. Muḥammad b. al-Ḥanafīya in the first part of the volume. After introducing the author and its work, he illustrates the chosen manuscripts and offers a translation for them.
The second part deals with the epistle of ʿUmar II sent to the qadarīya. Comparable to the first part, the description of the biographer’s life, his work and the translation of the manuscript is offered and analysed. The work ends with an excursus about Ġailān ad-Dimašqī and his relationship to ʿUmar II and the qadarīya.


Prof. Josef van Ess wrote his dissertation about Islamic mysticism at the University Bonn, his habilitation treatise dealt with the cognitive science in the islamic scholasticism.


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