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Der Dīwān des Abū Nuwās (Part 1)

BI 20a (reprinted ed. 2015)

BI 20a (reprinted ed. 2015)


Author : Abū-Nuwās al-Ḥasan b. Hāniʾ

Editiors : Edited by Ewald Wagner

Reprinted edition, Beirut, 2015

Part 1, XII, 434 pp.


The Abbasid poet Abū Nuwās al-Ḥasan ibn Hānī al-Ḥakam (d. 198/814) is one of the most famous classical Arabic poets. Writing for elite entertainment in the capital Baghdad, his poems cover all genres of the time with themes such as urban life in contrast to the “old” Bedouin life in the desert, wine drinking, homoeroticism as well as praise for the caliph and the court.

This new edition of 2015 is a reprint of the five volumes of the revised critical edition by Ewald Wagner and Georg Schoeler (1982–2003).