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Sarah El Bulbeisi

Research Associate

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Sarah El Bulbeisi joined the OIB in November 2019 after completing her PhD at the Institute for Near and Middle East Studies at the LMU Munich, Germany. Before joining the OIB, she coordinated the DAAD project “Violence, Forced Migration and Exile: Trauma in the Arab World and in Germany”, a Higher Education Dialogue between Palestinian and Lebanese universities as well as with the LMU Munich. Prior to that, she worked as a lecturer and research associate at the Institute for Near and Middle East Studies at the LMU Munich. Her PhD thesis “Taboo, Trauma and Identity: Subject Constructions of Palestinians in Germany and Switzerland, 1960 to 2015” draws on conversations, life stories and participant observation and explores the tension between the (family) histories of first and second generation Palestinians, which are characterized by the experience of expulsion and dispossession, and the reshaping of this experience in the Western European representation of the so called Middle East conflict. El Bulbeisi`s postdoc research at the OIB revolves around the interrelations between objective violence (Slavoj Zizek) and the construction of masculinities in contemporary Lebanon.

Masculinities in Contemporary Lebanon

My postdoctoral project examines the re-negotiation of gender norms, images and roles in the broader context of objective violence (Žižek), i.e. violence emerging from economic and political systems and reverberating on a discursive level.

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•    Tabu, Trauma und Identität: Subjektkonstruktionen von PalästinenserInnen in Deutschland und in der Schweiz, 1960-2015. Bielefeld (transcript), September 2020


•    "Palestine in the Imagination of the Imperial German Self: Gustav Dalman and the Bavarian War Archive", Palestine from Above: Surveillance, Cartography, Control (Part 2), Jerusalem Quarterly Issue 82 (Summer 2020)

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•    "The Relation between Trauma and Identity: On Being Palestinian in Germany", in: Mitri Raheb (ed.), Diaspora and Identity: The Case of Palestine, Bethlehem 2017

•    Hlehel, Amr. "Der palästinensische Film: eine Frage von Leben und Tod", Sicherheit, CINEMA. Translated by Sarah El Bulbeisi. Marburg 2007