Barraq Zakaria

Phone: +961 (0)1 359234


Barraq Zakaria joined the publication section of the OIB in October 2012; his work at the institute focuses on editing Arabic manuscripts and preparing them for publication.

Zakaria holds an MA in Philosophy and is preparing his PhD in Philosophy at the Lebanese University on the topic of "Religious Revival Movements in Christianity and Islam: the USA and Egypt as case studies". He is the author of al-dawla wa al-shari'a fi al-fikr al-arabi al-islami al-mu'asir (Beirut, 2013) and several articles on philosophy and religion, including one on Max Weber. Barraq's research interests revolve around Arab and Islamic political thought, both classical and contemporary, Islamic movements, and the relationship between the East and the West, in addition to his interest in Arabic philology.