Mohammad Reza Moridi

Hans-Robert Roemer Fellow

Mohammad Reza Moridi is assistant professor at Tehran University of Art. He is a visiting Hans-Robert Roemer Fellow at OIB since Feb 2020.
His main discipline is sociology of art and he researches complex relationships between art and society in Middle East region. During his stay at OIB, he will explore Modern Islamic art and focus on the cultural discourses on modern and contemporary Islamic art. In this research, he pursues the following questions: How was modern Islamic art constructed by cultural and political discourses? How have Iranian and Arab artists tried to shape modern Islamic contemporary art?
He is the author of Cultural Discourses and Artistic Styles in Iranian Contemporary Art (2018; Published by Tehran University of Art & Aban publisher, Tehran, Iran), and he also has published articles on Iranian contemporary art and regional studies of Islamic art such as “A comparative study on Iranian and Turkish art in the modern social transformation context (2018)”, “Local -Global Discourse In The Islamic Art: Discourse Analyses Of Art In The Geopolitics Of The Islamic World (2013)” and “Discourse Analysis Of The Middle East Art (2010)”